How To Get In Touch With The U Haul Customer Service

How To Get In Touch With The U-Haul Customer Service?

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, U-Haul is one of the famous moving supplies and rental storage American companies. The company provides various services such as trucks, trailers, storage facilities, among other services. U-Haul was founded in 1945 and since then it has become one of the well-known brands in the country.

U-Haul includes almost all kinds of trucks according to the client’s requirements such as heavy-duty, trailers, pickup trucks, vans, and other auto transport types. The company offers almost all kinds of trailer boxes in terms of their sizes. It has divided its equipment services in two types – “In Town” & “One Way”. The “In Town” services are offered in terms of picking and dropping things at the same location in which the equipment being used is meant for local move only. On the other hand, “One Way” category deals with picking and dropping consignments at different locations. However, this service is a One-Time type.

U-Haul Storage Facilities

U-Haul storage facilities are pretty famous in the United States & Canada. The storage services are available in both indoor and outdoor locations. Have a brief look at the brief details regarding such services.

• Indoor Storage Services

U-Haul indoor storage units provide safety and security from any theft activities. They are also designed to protect customer’s belongings from any issues that might occur due to any climate or weather change. Customers can access their storage facility via using their passcode and gate access key. They can also control the climate according to their preferences.

• Outdoor Storage Services

These storage services are consists of garage spaces and other forms of big spaces. However, customers can easily load or unload their belongings. These storage services are rarely affected by any climate change and other natural circumstances. Customers who visit frequently to their storage facilities can enjoy better accessibility and convenience. These services are also more affordable as compared to other storage services.

U-Haul Types of Storage Facilities

There are various types of storage facilities that are provided under main categories – Indoor and Outdoor services. List below are some of the major ones.

  1. Climate controlled Services
  2. Drive Up Storage
  3. Vehicle Storage
  4. Storage For Business needs
  5. Portable Storage
  6. Self Storage

Contact Customer Services Of U-Haul To Get Further Information

Customers can contact U-Haul Customer Service to gain further details regarding their any queries and compliant. The professional official will assist them with complete information anything about the company’s other services and will give an in-depth overview on all the benefits of their latest as well as current services.

U-haul has also availed other options on its official website through which customers can get in touch with the company for their business purposes, payments, claim and reports, etc. however calling on the U-Haul Phone Number will be the quickest option to connect with the professional executive.

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