Why Does My Canon Printer keep Saying Error?

In this age where printers have become a necessity for individuals, Canon is one of the brands that offers the world's best printing device. Despite the highest quality Canon printer, you cannot deny the fact that a printer is initially a machine that can often malfunction as well. At the time, your Canon printer begin to display error, it also hampers your work a lot and you had to get it fixed as soon as possible. Therefore, you can get the answers to all your questions, such as why does my Canon printer keep saying error and how that problem can be solved by going through the information below.

Why is Canon Printer in Error State?

What are the reasons Canon printer keep showing error?

When the Canon printer continues to show error, it becomes necessary to know the underlying cause because of which the problem has arisen. You can understand the reasons why is Canon printer in error state by following the details below.

  • Printer drivers are improperly configured
  • Connectivity issue can also be one of the cause printer keep showing error
  • USB and other wires are not attached to the printer correctly due to which it keep showing error
  • Issue with the BIOSScan also cause error

How do you fix the Canon printer when it is in an error state?

When your Canon printer is in an error state, you can implement some simple techniques to fix the problem. Therefore, if you want to know that how do I clear a Canon printer error, kindly follow the methods explained below to fix the issue.

How do I clear a Canon printer error?

Restart Canon printer

  • When you are dealing with the Canon printer error then simply turn off the device to get rid of the problem.
  • Once you restart the Canon printer any small issue causing error will get fixed and your device will start working again.

Restart your system

  • Next thing you can do when the Canon printer is showing error is that restart your system
  • Once your system restarts properly then you can try to use Canon printer again to know whether error is fixed or not

Check connectivity

  • Next you need to check that the connection between your device and Canon printer is proper or not
  • Then you can also see that the wireless connection you are using is working fine
  • Ensure that the connectivity between Canon printer and your device is strong
  • Also run test print job in your device to fix the Canon printer error

Check USB cable

  • Check that the USB cable or any other wire you are using to connect Canon printer with your device is not damaged
  • Further you can replace the USB cable if there is any damage that will help to fix the error your Canon printer is showing

Reinstall printer drivers

  • You can also get rid of the Canon printer error state by updating the drivers as it might be causing the problem
  • Go to the official Canon printer website and install the latest drivers by choosing your model
  • Then install the Canon printer driver once they are downloaded successfully from the website.
  • At last, check your Canon printer error is gone or not after drivers has been updated

In addition, you can contact a technical executive to solve the issue of your Canon printer, which is still in an error state after applying the above methods.


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