How to recover a dropbox password without email? 

Losing the password of any email account is always horrible. Email is such a platform with which we communicate online with colleagues and keep a track of all the updates such as bank alerts, online shopping, etc. And suppose if you are using the Dropbox email platform and have lost the password of your account then you can easily recover the lost password.

Dropbox account recovery with email 

If you are a user of Dropbox emails then you would know the fact that you can’t recover or change the lost password until and unless you don’t have the email id since the link is being sent on the email only. But just in case you don’t have the email and want to find out how to recover the Dropbox password without an email then follow the below-given details.

Steps to recover the password without email

 To recover the lost password of the email without an email account, there is no other alternative such as Dropbox phone number +1-888-585-5203, etc. 

But DropBox surely gives other alternatives to recover the lost password. You can try to use them.

1. Try to find out which email address is associated with your account

In case you have forgotten which email address is being associated with your account, you can check your connected devices or folders being shared. Maybe, you can find out about the email form here.

2.Sign in through the password 

If you remember the password and not the password then check if can sign in with the help of one username only. If yes then you can log in and immediately change the username that you use.

3.If your password gets expired

In case your password has got expired then you can try to sign in any other device connected to your email platform.

4. Contact the email service provider 

Despite using the above methods, if you are still not able to fix your email account password then at last contact your email service provider. The ESP team will try to configure your lost email address.

How to recover the Dropbox password

And hence with this, you can easily find out how to recover the Dropbox password. In case of any doubt, you can contact the customer care team of Dropbox mail. And once your email address is being restored then make sure to set up a strong password and note down your email address and password somewhere to remember.

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