How do I Connect My HP printer to My New Router?

With the rapid technological upgrade now printers also allow you to go wireless like other devices. However, It may seem like a great task to connect your router to your HP printer. Installing HP printers can be the same process as other printers, but sometimes there is a possibility of dissimilarity. If you are looking for ways to configure your HP printer to your new router then this article will help you as we have scouted over the internet for providing you with professional support.


A complete guide to setup HP printer to a Router 

  • Turn ON the power button of the HP printer

  •  Now reach out to the touch screen and press right click over the setup option

  • Now, a few options will pop up on the screen you have to choose ‘Wireless setup wizard” from the menu

  • It will search for the wireless network available in its radius

  •  Choose your router ID 

  • After choosing your Wireless Network ID you have to type your password, only then your router will install a connectivity with the HP printer. 

  • In order to confirm the configuration press OK 

  • Same procedure applies for all HP deskjet Series printers for installing wireless connectivity.  


How to set up HP printer on the Windows system through WiFi?

  • Turn on your all 3 devices which are Wifi router, Windows PC and HP printer 

  • Connect your Printer with the PC 

  • Connect your Wifi network with the HP printer. In case you are unaware of the procedure then refer to the guide mentioned above. 

  • Download HP Deskjet printer driver by visiting HP’s site over the internet. I.e.

  • Select the model of your Printer from the list 

  • Download the file, once the file is downloaded select on the driver software and follow up along with the instructions for installing the file. 

  • Search for the Control Panel in your Windows Search bar. 

  • Now click on the ‘devices and Printer’ option 

  • Now, choose ‘Add printer’ from the options appearing on the screen 

  • At last a HP model list will  appear on the screen, from which you have to select your model

  • You can enjoy your wireless connectivity now. However, in case of any issue go through the above-mentioned steps again. 


How to connect HP Deskjet Wireless printer on MAC?

  • Turn on all your 3 devices that are Wifi router, HP printer and your Mac 

  • Connect your Mac device with the printer and Wifi router

  • Download the Printer Drive through

  • Refer to the HP Easy Smart App for setting up the driver software 

  • After successful installation of the setup open Apple menu and choose ‘System and Preference’ 

  • A window will pop up over the screen with many options. From among them choose ‘Printers and scanners 

  • Click on the (+) sign to install printer connectivity with your device 

    • Now a model list will appear, you have to select your model and then click on Add. 

    • You can enjoy successful installation of wireless connectivity on your Mac device after this. In case of any issue you can go through the above mentioned steps once again. 

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