How To Get The 8 Digit Backup Code Of The Google

How To Get The 8 Digit Backup Code Of The Google

Google never fails to amuse us with its interesting features and just because we rely on this browser to store our information, that it gives maximum security feature. And one of those latest features updated it Google backup code.

What is exactly Google backup digit code?

We often log in to our Google account via laptop or in different phone devices. And just in case you lose that android phone or smart device and fear of the Google mail to be lost then don’t be! If you have generated your Google backup digits then you can use these codes to log in your lost account in some other new device. The Google backup digit is also used in the two-step verification process.

How to generate the 8 digit backup code of Google?

If you don’t know How to Generate 8 Digit Backup Code for Gmailthen this article will help you out how to generate the code for your account too with which you can access all the codes, OTP without having to log in the forgotten account.

Steps to generate the Google backup code

1.To get the code of Google, first of all sign in your Google account. Make sure that before getting your Google code, you log in the account with the help of the credentials.

2.Now move further and go to the 2 step verification page followed by entering your password and then accessing the page once it’s verified.

3.After you have completed this step then scroll down and then search for the backup options.

4.After this, enter the word download and then save the file with the text or code for the device.

5.And after the last step in the list, you can develop a new code that you can use to log in your account. However, if in case you lose access to the old code then you would have to generate a new code. And hence that’s How do I find my 8 digit backup code for Google.

Tips for getting the backup code of 8 digits in android mobile

If you use the phone to log in to the Google account and want to check on your backup digit then the steps involved are completely different. And to find out the steps to Create Google Backup Codes for mobiletap below.

Create Google Backup Codes for mobile

1.Go to the settings of whichever device you are using and then tap on the option of Google from the section of accounts.

2.Now select the option of managing your account and then tap on the option of security.

3. Next, move to the link of 2 steps verification and then enter your password with which you log in your Google account.

4.Now go to the code section and tap on the link of show codes and you can see your codes of Google clearly.

5.If you want to save your file then tap on the option of download and you would be done.

And hence this is how you can get your Google backup code on both laptops and mobile. In the case of more doubts, contact the support team of Google customer service that works 24x7.


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