How to transfer data from an iphone to a new phone?

Iphones are undoubtedly the most popular and desirable phones in the market today. Overtime they have become a symbol of style and status among people, more because of their prices and performance and the look they provide. Not only do they provide best in class features but they have also been successful in keeping their phones way ahead in the league. Be it the camera performance or seamless operating experience or their security features they are simply unbeatable in the market. The company manufactures high end phones probably the most expensive ones but the best thing is, they never compromise with the quality. But because iphones have completely different OS and they do not support transfer tools like android supported apps, one can face difficulties in transferring their data from their old iphone to a new one. So if you have questions like how do I port my Iphone to a new Iphone? Or how do I transfer from iphone to iphone without Icloud? Then this article is just for you.


How do I port my Iphone to a new Iphone?

Steps to transfer data to a new iphone

1.   Using iCloud backup

  • This is the feature provided by iOS which enables you to transfer your data in a few moments. You simply have to turn on your new phone and place in close proximity with your old one. The quick start option will reflect on the screen of your new phone where you will be asked to enter Apple ID of your old device. If it does not appear than make sure that you have turned bluetooth of your phone. Now go ahead and enter your desired Apple ID.
  • Wait for the animation or logo to pop on your new device’s screen. Once it appears, place your old phone over your new phone and place the logo in the center of the viewfinder. In case the camera of your new device is not working, try doing the authentication manually, then go ahead with the steps that will be guided further.
  • Enter the password of your old phone into your new one. Go ahead with setting up your face id or fingerprint. Moving forward enter the password of your old apple id in your new device. Now you can chose to transfer or restore data from your old phone like settings, applications, files etc. by  icloud backup.
  • If you are using other apple accessories like iwatch, you can also transfer or configure data from that as well.

2.Using a device to devise transfer

  • If you wish to transfer your data without using icloud backup, you can always chose the option of “transfer from iphone” option after the whole quick start process. Just make sure that both your devices are in close proximity and are connected to charging and are having working internet plan to avoid any battery drainage because it can result into transfer failure.

3. Using a wired connection

  • When it comes to transfer data using wired connection, only iphones provide you this service. If you wish to do so, you just have to have the access of lightening USB camera adapter. Connect both of your devices to the adapter and follow the steps that are already mentioned above.

So, if you are planning to buy an iphone soon just make sure, you do not lose out on your precious data and files. If you have any other query related to data transfer or anything else, you can visit their online support as well and “Have a happy buying”.

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