Why is my Hp printer not connecting to WiFi?

Are you the user who has been using a printer for a long time and just updated its operating system? Then you might be confused about the functions related with your printer after the updated version. All you need to do is not panic and know about the updates after checking the list of updates done in the function of your printer. 

However, if you are a user who is facing issues with your printer not connecting with Wifi and are clueless what shall be done then you shall not panic. Every problem that arises comes with a solution as well one only just needs to know them. So, if you want to know the reason why is my Hp printer not connecting to Wifi and how to fix it then you can refer to the information below. 


How Do I get my printer to recognize my Wifi?

Reasons Behind Printer Not Connecting to Wifi! 

To get to know why your printer is not connecting to Wifi answers, here are some reasons that will tell you the cause of this issue. 

  1. The very first and simple reason is that if anyone has changed your wifi password without knowledge. 

  2. Users might also get this issue when there is no proper internet connection in the wifi. 

  3.  As stated above, if you have updated the printer to its latest version and the new version does not have the password saved. 

There can be many other reasons which can cause such an issue to users. And to know how do I get my printer to recognize my Wifi, you can refer to the steps below to fix the issue. 


How Do I get my HP printer to recognize my wireless network?

Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Printer not Connecting to Wifi! 

  1. Start by checking the basics that your printer has power and is working steadily. Also, the USB of the printer is connected properly. 

  2. If the above steps did not help in fixing the issue then you need to check the internet connection of your wifi. And if you fint it to be not working then you need to contact the  customer service of wifi or the network service provider to get the issue fixed. 

  3. If the above one also did not help then you need to check if your wifi password has not changed. If yes, then enter the new password to get it connected with the printer. 

  4. Users can also try to set the printer to default printer so that the commands when given automatically go to your printer. This makes the printer active only when getting the command. 

  5. They also have the option to restart all the devices to get the issue of the printer not connecting to wifi issue fixed. 

If the above steps did not give you the answers on how do I get my HP printer to recognize my wireless network then you can choose to contact customer service. This customer service of your printer is 24/7 active on the various platforms and will be giving answers on the spot. 

Hence, if you get stuck when using the printer or encounter the issue then you are free to contact the respective customer service of the printer.  


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