How do I create a label in Gmail?

Create, edit & delete labels

  1. On a computer, open Gmail. You can't create labels from the Gmail app.
  2. On the left, click More.
  3. Click Create new label.
  4. Name your label.
  5. Click Create.

Are Labels The Same as Folders in Gmail?

A lot of people use Gmail labels like folders, and Gmail makes that easy. The Gmail toolbar has a Move to icon that looks like a folder, and a Labels icon that looks like a label. When you use the Labels tool, Gmail assigns the label you select to the conversation. Other labels, including Inbox, remain.

What Happens When You Remove a Label in Gmail?

Gmail doesn't have folders. All your messages are saved in All Mail. And since there's only one copy of any message, if you delete it from any labelyou're deleting the only copy, so it's gone from all of them. If you delete a label you remove that "view", but the messages are still in All Mail.

How do I Remove The Important Label in Gmail?


  1. Go to Mail Settings.
  2. Go to Inbox tab.
  3. In the Importance markers category, select No markers.
  4. In the Inbox sections category, at Important, click on Options.
  5. From the dropmenu select Remove section.

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