How to fix the issue of no bootable device hit any key on Acer laptop?

Acer is one of the best and commonly used brands of laptops. It has great features as well as affordable prices, due to which it is owned by numerous users across the world. The variety of laptops vary according to the configurations and features. If you are using an Acer laptop and encountered an issue where it says that no bootable device is found. When this error comes up, it means the many files and programs are not executed properly. If your Acer laptop says no bootable device hit any key, you need to check for the booting issues. The common causes and fixes of this issue are discussed in this article.

Causes of no bootable device

This error generally indicated that your laptop is unable to find or detect a hard drive, solid-state drive or other bootable drives for loading the operating system. Here are some common causes of no bootable device issue:

  1. Partition not set as active
  2. Incorrect boot order
  3. Corrupted system files
  4. Bad sectors on the primary hard drive
  5. Hard disk failure
  6. Corrupted MBR, or any other reason


Acer technical support 

Fixes for no bootable device issue

You can contact Acer technical support for resolving the issue, but before that, you must try out some basic troubleshooting. The fixes or troubleshooting steps are as follows:

  1. Disconnect all USB devices- Sometimes any external device connected through USB, can cause the no bootable device issue. For this, you need to disconnect all the USB devices and reconnect it one by one, to check which one is faulty.
  2. Check for loose cables- If you have connected any devices via cable, you must check for all the connections. The connections must be tight.
  3. Set the hard drive as the first boot device- Mostly, this no bootable device issue comes up when an unbootable disk is set as a boot device. So, for a smooth startup of the laptop, you must change the boot order and set the main hard disk as a bootable device.
  4. Reset primary partition as active- You can check for the primary partition, whether it is active or not. You need to reset the primary partition as active using some commands.
  5. Fix damaged MBR- MBR is a boot sector on your hard drive. It contains all the important info about partitions and loads the operating system. If it is damaged, it won't work, so you must get it fixed.


Acer customer service

There are 3 ways to contact Customer service of Acer which are:-

  1. Via Phone Number:- Through phone number, you can call on the Acer Phone Number +1-888-585-5203 and connect your call with our technicians and get the online support of your queries.
  2. Via Chat session:- Chat session is also helpful for you because this you can discuss your queries live with our expert and they will assist you how to fix your issues.
  3. Via Email:- You can also tae this option just write an email and get to know how to resolve your queries 

For further assistance, you can contact Acer customer service. The contact info can be found on Acer's official website. 

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