How Can I Update My Yahoo Account Information?

Yahoo account is a digital asset that is accessed by numerous people daily to manage digital activities. However, managing the account is crucial and significant for any user. Do you know that updating your Yahoo account is necessary to make things work in proper order and without any hindrance? From updating the basic information to advance one, you can do anything on Yahoo which is permitted under the terms & conditions of usage. 


Now, you must be thinking about How Do I Update My Account Information on Yahoo? If so, reading the significant points given below will surely help you. However, you can also reach out to Yahoo support to gain more details about it. Apart from this, update the Yahoo account information with the significant things that are discussed here.

How to Update Your Yahoo Account Picture?

The manifestation of the Yahoo account is a very crucial process and as per the instructions a user can only choose the picture which is .jpg, .jpeg and .png format. Along with this, the resolution of the image should not be less than 192*192 pixels.

Update Yahoo Account Picture via Website

  • First, visit the official Yahoo website and go to the sign-in section.

  • Type the login credentials and enter into the account.

  • On the top-right side, click on the profile picture icon.

  • Select the camera icon and go to the personal info section.

  • Now, choose an image from your desktop device. 

  • Lastly, crop that image and save it as your display picture. 

Update Yahoo Account Picture via Mobile App

  • Open your Android device and launch the Yahoo App.

  • Tap on your profile picture and select Manage accounts.

  • Now, tap on Account info and choose the profile icon.

  • Here, Click a profile photo or Choose one from the gallery.

  • Crop the selected image and crop as per your preference.

  • In the end, save it to successfully use it as the profile picture.

How do I Update the First, Last and Display Name?

Many users want to change their first, last and display name of their Yahoo account. This is also done to personalize the account. If you want to know How to Update Your First, Last and Display Name? Refer to the steps that are given here.

  • First, go to the official Yahoo website and launch its sign-in section.

  • Enter the accurate login credentials for entering the login credentials.

  • Here, click on the display image and move to the account info section.

  • Click on the Edit option on the top-right corner of your screen.

  • Amend the First, Last and Nickname and choose the Done option. 

How to Set Up and Manage the Yahoo Account Key?

Memorizing the Yahoo account password sometimes becomes a challenging task, especially when you have to do it for multiple accounts simultaneously. In this case, using the Yahoo account key helps to receive the notification on your registered mobile number.

  • Before anything else, go to the official Yahoo website through the web browser.

  • From the homepage, navigate to the sign-in section and login to your account with proper credentials.

  • Navigate to the security page and select See How It Works option.

  • Here, Select your device > Send Me A Notification > Select the Approve Icon on your device.

  • Select the option and choose Always Use Account Key on your internet browser.

  • In the end, choose the mobile number and confirm it as a crucial recovery option.


Still, Confused about the process of How Do I Update My Account Information on Yahoo? Connect with the Yahoo customer service to gain extra details.


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