How Can I Get My Facebook Password Reset Code via SMS 

Facebook is one of the most used platforms on the internet and a lot of people are still active users of Facebook. In fact Facebook has already taken over other social media platforms but it never fails to update the Facebook platform with its customer-friendly features.

Facebook password recovery

Facebook Password Reset Code Text Message 

A lot of times, Facebook stops responding because of the issue like password. If you lose the password of the Facebook then you won’t be able to log in. And if you log in the Facebook and then you forget the password then you can take the help of account recovery methods. You can use the methods like alternate email or Facebook password reset code text message.

Mediums of recovering the Facebook password

What is Facebook Reset Code 

If you have lost the password of Facebook then you won’t be able to log in. And to reset the password, there are mainly two methods like receiving code on email or phone. And if you wondering what is Facebook reset code, then you need to know that you can recover the lost password by receiving a code on email or phone.

Recovering the Facebook password via SMS Code

If you are juggling with password recovery but don’t have access to the email then you can even use the phone number to recover it. And if you are wondering how can I get my Facebook password reset code via SMSfollow the below given steps.

Steps to reset the Facebook account via SMS code

1. If you want to reset the Facebook password via SMS Code, then go to the Facebook log in page and then tap on the link of forgot password and tap enter.

2. As you tap on the option, page will be redirected to the account recovery window and then enter your username of the account.

3. After recovering the username of the Facebook, you can pick any one option of account recovery such as account recovery via SMS.

4. You can use the recovery phone number for resetting the password. As you use the option then you will receive one recovery code on your text. And as you will receive the code, open it and enter the password to reset the account.

5. As you enter the new password, re-enter the password to confirm and you would be done. For checking the account, you can log in back with the help of new password.

Why users receive code on SMS from Facebook?

1. If you use the method of account recovery via phone number then this is the reason why users receive Facebook code. However if you receive any type of code in your SMS which was not activated by you then maybe it’s someone you know, trying to log in your account.

2. In case that code was not requested by you, try to report any unusual attempt of account log in.

3. If you face any of these situations then you can try to protect your account with the help of two factor authentication. With this no one would be able to log in your account without knowledge.

Why users don’t receive any code on SMS from Facebook?

Sometimes there are some users who even face unusual problems like why am I not receiving my SMS code from FacebookThis happens if the mobile number you gave for the account recovery is not active anymore.

1.Hence to make sure that you receive the code on time to verify the password recovery on time, keep your number active in the phone.

2.Sometimes the number is active but the incoming and outgoing services of the SIM gets blocked and thus because of this also, you won’t be able to receive any SMS. Thus check all of this before requesting for any type of code from Facebook.

And hence that’s how you can request for the Facebook account recovery with the help of the SMS. For more doubts, contact the Facebook customer care team of Facebook.

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