How To Fix The Google Assistant Not Working?

Google has been a blessing to the people who are addicted to its interesting features and applications. And one of the most interesting things that Google has launched for its users is Google Assistant.

Google Assistant is basically artificial intelligence software launched by Google and you can use it on your phone or computer and get your work done by simply speaking and engaging in a two-way conversation. You can always get the work done on Google by simply addressing the application and then get it done verbally. But sometimes Google assistant stops working and if you are wondering why Google assistant not working, tap below for the solution.

Reasons why Google assistant not working?

If you are juggling with the issues of the Google Assistant then trying to find how do I fix Google assistanttap below.

  • One of the main reasons why Google assistant stops working because of the internet issue!
  • Also if the Google speaker is not able to recognize the voice then people won’t be able to communicate via Google assistant.
  • In case there are issues with the speaker of the device then also Google assistant won’t work properly.
  • In case the Google assistant is not working then maybe one of the biggest reasons is Google not being updated. At times Google assistant stops working because of the outdated browser on device.

Tips to fix Google assistant not working

Try troubleshooting android phone and tables

  • In order to fix Google not working, first of all try to make sure that all the settings of the computer are working totally fine.
  • Check the speaker by simply calling out ‘hey Google’ and then see if the voice recognition is working or not.
  • Also crosscheck the internet connection too, because, without a proper internet connection, Google assistant won’t actually work.

Troubleshoot display, smart clock, and the smart display

  • If you use Google speakers and that is also not responding because of the internal glitch then make sure to use check that it’s plugged and there is enough power on.
  •  Now after this, try to make the settings on the microphone and then make sure that the Microphone is working totally well. In case the microphone does not work then you won’t be able to access the Google assistant.
  • Also if you use Google home then try to make sure that the microphone is not on mute or else if you speak on Google assistant then you won’t be able to get the response.

Contacting the Google customer care team

Despite all the ways that you try to find out how do I activate Google Voice assistantstill people are not able to fix the issues. And to fix the issue of Google not working, you can take the help of the customer support team. The support team of Google can easily resolve all the issues that you have in context with the Google team. The support team of Google can be approached 24x7 via email or call.

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