How to Recover FTP Password?

A Brief Guide To Recover FTP Password

If you are someone who transfers files via FTP protocol, then it must be quite important for you to remember the password of your FTP. On the contrary, if you do not know what is FTP, then it is basically a protocol that lets you exchange files via using TCP or IP protocols (internet) to enable data transfer. Besides, it also uses a specific client-server that is protected by SSL /TLS, you also need a server address, password, and the username to avoid unauthorized access to FTP.

This is why, if you forget the password of your FTP, then you are most likely to face issues while transferring your files via the internet. In addition, the havoc situation will also occur for you when you’ll not also be able to access your downloaded files. Worry not as you can easily get rid of this situation as this post on how to recover FTP password will help you.

FTP Password Recovery

Here we provide the Steps of Recovering FTP Password: 

So, basically, the password recovery for FTP requires recovery software that can easily help you with your FTP forgotten password recovery. One of the finest software that can help you with your FTP password recovery is FileZilla. This is an excellent password recovery programs that have gained quite a popularity among FTP users. Here’s how you can use it to recover your FTP password.

  • At first, get access to the FileZilla, then hit the “File” menu, and then select the “Export” option from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the “Export Site Manager Entries” box, and then hit the “Ok” option and then save your file in the “Document” folder in your system along with the “Filezilla.xml” name & extension.
  • Exit the “FileZilla”, then navigate to the Documents folder and locate the “FileZilla.xml” file.
  • Hereafter, if you haven’t installed an XML reader in your PC, the saved XML file will be opened in the default web browser. Here, you can see all of your usernames and passwords in the “user line” (username) and “pass line” (passwords).
  • Now, you can get access to your FTP protocol via using the latest saved username & password.

In the event. If the aforementioned steps didn’t help you with your FTP password recovery, then you can get in touch with the tech-experts at Computer technical support, and get better help.

How To Change Password FTP Password

For users, who have been thinking that How do I change my FTP password can follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Right-click on Computer, then select Computer Management and then select FTP User.
  • Again right-click on the selected user, then choose the Set Password option, and then you can change the password of your FTP user.

For more info on how to recover FTP passwords, contact the tech-support professionals at Computer tech support services, and get better assistance.


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