How to recover my Netflix account?

Netflix is the American app that is also known as the OTT platform from where users can very easily watch movies, web series, television series, & to watch all these stuff users have to take the subscription plans for Netflix. It is headquartered in Los Gatos, California, U.S. Netflix is a member of the MPA (Motion Picture Association), which produces & distributes content all over the globe.

But sometimes while operating the Netflix app user faces issues like not able to access own account, after providing correct credentials too not able to access my own account & many more other reasons interrupts the normal functioning of Netflix. Now because of such reasons, users want to know about How to i recover my NetFlix account so that with easy & simple steps they get their account of Netflix back.

Netflix Account Recovery 

And sometimes when you are unable to get Netflix account Recovery, then you can reset your password by email or with the help of a text message, only if you have added your phone number to your account. The very first method for account recovery is email here you just go through the email steps;

  • At first, you visit the official or the login page via the web browser
  • Then their select your email
  • Then just follow the steps for reset password provided in the email you receive
  • In your email, you will get the link that will sign in the user into Netflix automatically
  • At last, after you sign in you will be asked to create the new password & re-enter the new password & click on save.

Another point to keep in mind is that the link in the email will get expire after 24 hours.

NetFlix Account Recovery via SMS

And another way of recovery of your Netflix account is with the help of text message (SMS), that also a very easy & convenient way of getting recovery of the account. Here are the steps related to recovery via text message just once go through it;

  • First you will have to visit the page or login help page through the web browser
  • Now there you will select the option text message (SMS) for the password recovery link
  • Now on the next page you will have to enter the phone number that you entered in the creating of your account
  • Then just select the text me option
  • Now you will get the verification code to enter so that you reset your password, the code gets expire after 20 minutes
  • Type the code & submit & you will then get the option to reset your password & save it
  • At last enter the Netflix account with your phone number or email address with the new password.

NetFlix Customer service

However, if you need information regarding your Netflix account recovery or other queries like how to get free netflix account, and how to reset netflix account my smart tv, etc. then you can go for the option of NetFlix Customer service, the team that is available 24/7 round the clock to assist the customers with different methods & techniques to solve their queries in suttle ways & with convenience.

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