How do I get in touch with Netflix? 

Netflix; a platform that provides entertainment services that have now gained an entire section of the entertainment market, surges to be the best entertainment provider in the industry today.

Millions of users across the globe have leaned towards Netflix and its services by becoming subscribers of the services offered by Netflix. Since its inception in the entertainment market, it has been the talk of the town, catering to a trillion of users by providing them with their visual entertainment needs. Whether it be series, shows or movies, there is nothing that you couldn’t find on Netflix. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface provided by the application allows new users a scope to get their hands on the marvellous services that come with no hefty contracts whatsoever. Hence you are free to join and free to leave at any point in time.

In order to subscribe to Netflix, the users have to pay a basic charge that remains constant worldwide. This is the amount that one has to pay on a monthly basis to continue with the subscription of your Netflix account.  

Since it is one of the most effective entertainment tools, facing errors with your Netflix profile or application could become highly troublesome for the users. If you have encountered varied errors with your Netflix profile then there is one thing that you as a user must do and resort to which is connecting with the customer service department at Netflix. 

Now, the question arises what one needs to do in order to connect with someone at Netflix? Well, there are several ways available to accomplish the same. In this paper, we are about to share the ways that are going to help with your Netflix account.

So stay tuned, follow until the end and without any further ado, let us get straight into this.


How do I talk to Human at Netflix? 

 If you are interested in getting assistance with your Netflix account or have faced issues while watching something on Netflix, then you are supposed to report that problem. For doing so, the users are required to follow the steps mentioned down under:

  • Open the Netflix application on your device, and navigate to the ‘Contact Us’ option. 

  • Once you click on that, you will be redirected to yet another page, where the users will find various options available to communicate with an expert at Netflix. 

  • You may select any one option from the list of options available that are: call, chat or email.

  • For call, you will be allotted a certain wait time and after that, you call will get connected with someone from the Netflix team. 

Call a Live Person in Netflix Customer Service(1 (866) 579-7172)

  • Dial Netflix Customer service Number 1-866-579-7172
  • Choose language by Pressing 1 (For English language)
  • Be on the line
  • After that, the automated phone system of Netflix will connect you through a live person agent.

Netflix Web Links

What is the email address of Netflix?

For dropping an email, the users are required to compose an email including all your queries, issues and problems and then send it to the customer service email address that is as follows:,, 

Netflix Live Chat Support

You can know about the live chat with NetFlix customer support :-

  • Visit the page Netflix Contact page 
  • Then click on the “Start Live Chat” button.
  • NetFlix Chat service is available 24by7 hours for their customers.

Netflix Mailing Addresses

Netflix Corporate Headquarters address
100 Winchester Circle
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Is Netflix free today? 

Netflix has come up with a free Stream Fest that begins today and will last until Saturday. All the Netflix services will be rendered for free across the globe. This is part of the free trial promotional offer.

You may get the idea of How to get a Free NetFlix account ? from our Expert help.

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