How Do I Fix Facebook Loading Problems?

Since facebook launches in the market of social media platforms, it has acquired a significant space of the users across the Globe and gradually it becomes a part of daily activity for sharing or updating status, photos or information. 

While many of the users not experience an issue with the facebook, but most of the users found difficulty in loading the facebook. If you are experiencing such type of issue then fortunately you are at the right place. Here find a complete solution to fix this issue of “facebook not loading”. Let’s read all these methods carefully.


Facebook Not Loading Properly 2020

Follow the steps to fix Facebook not loading issue

These are the simple methods that you must know to fix the issue of Facebook not loading properly 2020


How do I fix Facebook pictures not loading

Clear cache and cookies

Generally, we use Facebook in the browser of the device (Laptop, phone) so it accumulates the browsing history. This stops you from loading the facebook. So you are advised to clear cache and cookies to fix the issue of How do I fix Facebook pictures not loading.

How to clear cache and cookies?

  • Open browser history from the settings.
  • Choose clear browsing data.
  • Select the time range as all time.
  • Tap on clear data.


How do I fix Facebook games not loading

Install or update browser

If you are using the outdated browser in your system, then you should update it to the latest version of it to experience uninterrupted browsing. There are a number of popular browsers compatible across all devices or find How do I fix Facebook games not loading

  • Mozilla.
  • Google chrome.
  • Safari.
  • Opera.
  • UC Browser.


Set the date and time of your system

It happens quite times that if you are using incorrect date and time to your system, then definitely you won’t be able to load facebook properly. In that case adjust and try setting the data and time to the correct format.

Try restarting the device

Most of time our system hangs and due to which you unable to load facebook properly, so try restarting the device to bring everything normal.

Update operating system

If you are using an outdated version of OS across your device, update it to the latest version of it which stops the website from working properly.

 Disabling VPN

If you are using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), turn it off now. Many times VPN causes this error as they change the data location. It is recommended to remain it off till you load the facebook properly.

Check all Security software

Sometimes the internet security software application becomes the reason of this facebook not loading issue. Try to disable and reload it. 

Checking the Proxy Settings

Sometimes due to poor proxy settings stops you from loading Facebook in your computer. it is advised to resetting the proxy.

For Mac Users:

  • To get started first Open the Apple menu.
  • Select the System Preferences and choose a network
  • Choose the service type
  • Click Advanced.
  • Tap proxies.


Besides, above all the points on How do I fix Facebook loading problems process, if you require further support, you can call directly to the dedicated helpline number to get the quick answer.

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