How To Recover Google Account From Facebook? A Brief Guide

Have you linked your Facebook account with your Gmail account? Well, if you have and if you have lost accesses to either of the account, then you might be facing frustration with your accounts. However, both Gmail and Facebook accounts are excellent platforms with their services but one can still face login issues with them, and that’s also quite common. Besides, one can easily use either of the accounts to recover the other account’s password.

Now, if you are someone who is wondering How to I recover my Google account from Facebook, then read this guide further and recover your account.

How can I know my Gmail password through Facebook? Quick Methods 

Users can recover their Gmail accounts through Facebook within no time. However, Gmail also provides its quick options to reset its password. So, if you have been thinking How can I know my Gmail password through Facebookthen here’s how you can use other quick options to do this.

  • Visit the Google or Gmail account recovery page in your web browser, then enter the username, phone number or the email address linked to your account.
  • Now, hit the Next button, then you can enter the last known password of your account, or use the Try Another Way to skip to the next page.
  • Next, you can enter the account creation date of your Gmail account, and then follow the onscreen instructions to reset its password. However, if you don’t remember the date, then you can again use the Try Another Way link to skip to the next recovery page.
  • Now, you will have two prime Google account recovery options to reset the account’s password – Email Address or Phone Number.
  • You can choose either of the options to get the account recovery verification code. Hereafter, enter the code in the given spaces, and then you’ll reach to the password reset page.
  • After this, you can enter the new password on the next page. Hence, think of the strong password that includes both numbers and alphabets, and then enter it in the given fields.
  • Finally, save the changes, and then you will have your Google account password reset within no time.

Furthermore, if you have still unable to recover your account with the help of the aforementioned recovery steps, then you can opt for the security questions option. With this, you’ll have to exactly answer your security questions, and then follow the onscreen instructions to reset the password.

Google Account Recovery Through Facebook: Get Expert Assistance

In the event, if you are still unable to recover your Google account, then you can reach out to the tech experts at Google or Facebook to get better assistance. The live experts will surely guide you through the Google account recovery through the Facebook process in real time. Also, the tech experts are available for 24/7 and can help you with everything that you need to know about your account recovery. It is also suggested to contact them via phone support to get instant solutions on your Gmail account recovery.

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