How to fix Hotmail not Receiving Emails?

When using email, users have given quite a satisfactory response because of its services. If you are a user who is using Hotmail email then you must be satisfied because of its services. The email is known for its outstanding services and commendable customer service. 

But, if you happen to face the issue of email not receiving to the inbox and are clueless what shall be done then you can refer to the information below. 

In this piece of information, you will come to know how to fix Hotmail not receiving emails by first knowing the reasons and then resolutions. 


Fixing Issue of Hotmail Email on Android! 

As emails can now be used on any device so this section is for the Android users who are not getting Hotmail emails. Here are the reasons so that you come to know how to fix them. 

Reasons Behind Hotmail Not Receiving Email on Android! 

  1. The very first reason can be an improper internet connection. If your Android device does not have a proper internet connection then you happen to face the email not receiving issue.  

  2. Also if the sender has not entered the correct username and that the email has bounced back to the sender. 

  3. If an Android device is not updated to its latest Android version. 

 And there can be many other issues that can cause Hotmail not receiving emails on Android and to fix it you can refer to the information below. 


Resolutions to Fix Hotmail Email Not Receiving on Android! 

  1. Start by checking the internet connection. If not working then you can contact the network service provider. 

  2. Ask the sender to check the username correctly and provide them with the correct username. 

  3. Update your Android device and its operating system to the latest one. 


Fixing Issues of Hotmail Email on iPhone! 

This section is for iPhone users who are stuck when using Hotmail. To get the issue of Hotmail not receiving emails on iPhone issue fixed refer to the reasons and resolutions below. 

 Reasons and Resolutions to Fix Hotmail Email! 

  1. The very first reason behind every issue is improper internet connection. Check if your iPhone has a proper internet connection. 

  2. Another reason is when the user does not clear the cookies and caches of the email. So, from the settings of the email, clear the cookies and caches of the email.  

  3. Also if you have not updated the Hotmail email version then also users can get stuck in such an issue. To get this fixed, users need to update Hotmail email to the latest version from the application store. 

  4. If Hotmail inbox and outbox is fixed with excess text messages then also you can face such an issue. So, clear the unwanted messages from both to make space for new ones to arrive. 


How do I fix Hotmail Problems

With the help of the above information, you come to know how to get away with the issue of Hotmail. however, if you are a user who is stuck then he is free to contact Hotmail live person. The customer service will be giving on the spot resolution and answers to how do I fix Hotmail problems from any of the convenient platforms.

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