How do I Contact Instagram to Get my Account Back?

Instagram is one of the popular social media services used by the masses around the globe. Indeed, the services offered by Instagram are the finest, but some users have lost access to their accounts. Well, various reasons can lead to this problem, but by going through this handy guide, you can seek complete info on how to restore access to the account by contacting support. 


Reasons why the user is failing to access their Instagram account 

For the users looking for reasons behind failed access to the Instagram account, it can be because of the following reasons: 

  • The account is disabled when the user tries to login in using an incorrect password multiple times. 
  • Besides, when the user violates any of the terms of use and guidelines of Instagram. 
  • When the account is hacked.

Thus, these are the few reasons why the user fails to access their Instagram account. So, for the users looking for details on How do I get my Instagram account back, they can check out some of the solutions provided to access Instagram account services without any interruption. 


Solutions to get back access to the Instagram account via support

1) Recovering disabled Instagram account

For the users whose account has been disabled, they can restore access to their account by using the prompt appearing on the screen. Like, when the account of the user is disabled, the user is offered a learn more option. Further, the user can follow the prompts and restore access to the account. 

Besides, for those wondering How do I contact Instagram to get my account back, they can check out the steps mentioned below:

  • Begin the process by visiting the official contact page of Instagram. 
  • Further, fill up the appeal form with the required fields and click on the Send button. 
  • Once the appeal is accepted, the user might need to verify the account by providing the required info.


2) Recovering a hacked Instagram account 

For the users who believe that their account is hacked, they can restore access to their account by requesting a login link on their linked phone number. Further, the user can follow the provided instructions to re-access the Instagram account. 

How do I contact Instagram Support? 

In case, if the user fails to recover their hacked account, they can report the same to the support. And for those looking for info on How do contact Instagram Support to restore a hacked Instagram account, they can check out the quick steps mentioned below:

  • On the login screen of Instagram, opt to get help to sign-in option. 
  • Then, mention the username, email, or phone number linked to the account and proceed. 
  • And now, click on the need help option and follow the steps to contact support to recover the hacked account. 

As a part of the process, the user might be asked to provide a selfie verifying their account. 

Thus, this is the complete info on how How do I contact Instagram to get my account back. Still, if the user fails to recover their account, they can feel free to visit the support page and check for the required info to access the Instagram account without any worries. 

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