How do I activate my Roku suspended account?

Roku is one of the finest video streaming devices in the world and it has more than millions of users worldwide enjoying its services. One can easily stream their favourite shows without any interruptions on their device. However, there are times when Roku suspends its user’s accounts due to various reasons especially when the users are unable to make payments for their Roku services. But that does not mean that users cannot reactivate their Roku accounts at all.

If you are someone who has been enjoying Roku services in the past but now could not do is due to suspended account then worry as this article will help you with the same,. Here, you’ll be guided with the easy ways for suspended Roku Account Recovery.

Steps To Recover Suspended Account On Roku

The following steps will help you recover your Roku account within no time. Hence, read them further carefully and get back your account.

  1. So, to begin with the troubleshooting process, first log into your Roku account from the official website.
  2. Now, you’ll need to update the payment method on your Roku account and once the payments method is updated then restart your Roku device.
  3. To do this, move to the Settings section and then select System restart
  4. Once the system restart is done, then try adding the channel once again.

Fixing 24 Hours Account Suspended On Roku

In the event, if you haven’t used your Roku account within 6 months or have made 5+ incorrect login attempts then your account will be suspended for the next 24 hours. However, this time your Roku Account Recovery cannot be done via anything but you’ll only have to wait until the next 24 hours have passed. Once the specified time is passed then you can easily login to your Roku account via using the correct password.

Fixing Fraudulent Payment May Have Caused Your Roku Account Suspended

This may be another reason that may have caused your Roku Account error or may have suspended your account. There are times when Roku users unknowingly make fraudulent or unacceptable payments for their accounts. This may cause their accounts gets suspended either temporarily or permanently from Roku. Hence, if this is the case with you too then you must contact your credit card’s company or your banks. Moreover, the experts from your bank or card issues will help you better with the payment issue on your Roku account.

Contact Customer Services For More Assistance On Your Roku Device

Moreover, if you are still facing the account suspension on your Roku account then you must get in touch with the technical support at Roku, and get the best assistance from the experts. The professionals will surely help you out with your suspended Roku Account Recovery and will also guide you with the best information as well. Hence, this was all about the Roku account reactivation for suspended account. hope the aforementioned information has been helpful to you.

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