How Do I Remove Google Pay Limitations?

Google pay is an eminent payment method that is using by a large part of the population. Apart from the user-friendly interface, it is safe and secure. You can make a transaction without worrying about security. 

The best part is that you can make the payment in two ways. The first is in-store and the second one is in-app. With in-store, you can clear the payment without open the application where within-app, you have to open the application. There is a limitation in payments and if you are wondering how do I remove Google pay limitations then read further. We have mentioned the steps that can help you to remove the limitation. 


Steps To Remove Google Pay Limits 

You can easily remove the limitations but for that, you have to aware of certain factors. 

  • Google pay limitation can be removed by sending a request to the team 
  • If you are requesting to increase the limit of Google pay, then your application might get rejected. So make sure you go with the application before you boost your purchasing
  • Whenever you exceed the limit of purchasing, and then Google will send you a mail. In this mail, you can see when you have exceeded the limit. Here a couple of options are present through which you let the Google pay limits exceed
  • Now, after selecting the application, Google pay will send you the notification. For this, you have to submit some financial documents. It includes spending projections and bank statement 
  • When everything seems authentic and find the documents relatable, then Google will approve the limit 
  • To increase the limit, Google pay will take at least 2 weeks 

In this way, you can easily remove the limitation. But, many times people often get confused and wondering how do I change my Google Play purchase limit? If yes, then you can easily change it by directing the below-shown steps. 


Steps To Change The Purchase Limit Of Google Play 

For the budgeting feature, most people find it hard to comprehend the purchase limit. With this function, you can easily monitor where and how you are spending on the application. For changing the limit you can go with the below steps. 

  • Open the play store on your android device 
  • Check the hamburger menu 
  • Go to the account and click on the purchasing history 
  • Here, you can learn about the running premium application and you can set the upper limit 
  • With this, you can easily remove the limitation and change the purchase limit


Is there any limitation in Google pay?

It is clear that you don’t have to afraid of the new budgeting features. In this way, you can alter the limit and enjoy unlimited purchasing. Now, you must get the answer of is there any limitation in Google pay? It may happen that with continuous practice or due to some glitch you are not able to remove the limitation. In that case, you can interact with the customer support team of Google. You can share the issues here and if they find everything good, then you can increase the limit.


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