How do I recover my Roku Account?

Roku is the device that offers users the best and simple way to stream for entertainment. This device is  best known for its streaming services and media across the world. But, to get the device to working, users need to create the account just like Google to avail for the services. The Roku device is such that it will have the record of the devices that you use for streaming along with the channels you have installed. And the Roku account includes all the entertainment preferences and settings. Just like every other account created requires a username and password to protect the data in the account, in the same way, Roku Account also comprises the same. 

This Roku account can be used and protected by username and password to maintain privacy and perform the functions. However, if you are a user who has forgotten the password and are unable to use the password then you shall not panic. All you need is to take the help of a recovery option to get back the access. To know how do I recover my Roku account, you can follow the steps below. 


Different Ways to Recover a Roku Account! 

  1. Getting back a Roku account using an alternate email. 

  2. Using the security questions to answer and get back the access to Roku account. 

Users are free to use any of the options for recovering a Roku account. Here are the steps that will answer your questions on How do I get my Roku back online in simple steps that are as follows:-


How do I get Roku Account Back Online! 

  1. Start by launching the preferred web browser and open the Roku website from the search bar at the top. 

  2. From the page that is displayed, you will be asked to enter the login credentials. Enter the username and tap on the “Forgot Password” option that is present at the bottom of the password field. 

  3. You will be redirected to the Roku recovery page and asked to select any one recovery option. Choose the recovery using email and check the email. 

  4. The password recovery email is sent to the linked email. Check the same and log into your alternate email for the verification code. 

  5. Enter the code in the Roku recovery page and tap “Next”. 

  6. Roku servers will be checking the code and allow you to create a new password. Make sure that you create the password that is easy for you to remember.  

  7. To confirm the password, enter the same in the recovery page and tap “OK”. 

So, with the help of the above steps, you get the answers on how do I get my Roku back online without hassle. Those who are still stuck and do not know what to do next shall not be disappointed. They are welcomed to contact Roku customer service. 


Reaching Out to Roku Customer Service! 

Users who are still stuck with the lost access of Roku account are welcomed to contact the customer service. The customer experts are highly trained and will be resolving your issue on the spot. Hence, the next time you are stuck, you are welcomed to contact the customer service.  

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