Why is my Lexmark Printer not Printing

Lexmark printer is quite famous for its operating methods. It is the most effective and efficient system that proffer amazing quality outputs. Even, the small printer of Lexmark can print more than 10,000 pages every day. 

 However, electronic devices are not flawless, with time; the user has to face different issues. It is nothing new but if your Lexmark printer is not printing, then you must be curious about the reasons. 


The Reason Behind Not Working Of Lexmark Printer 

 There could be a different reason, but we have covered the major one that can help you during troubleshooting.


Piece Of Paper Stuck

 Sometimes a small piece of paper can be stuck into the roller. Make sure it is not present there and the machine should be clean from inside.


Blocking of printer head nozzles

 If there is excess ink, then the head of the nozzle may get a block. But, it is not mandatory, because it changes from system to system.


The ink cartridge is empty

 It is the most common issue that most people forget to check. Make sure that the cartridge is full or at least not empty. You can open the cartridge, but the best way to check it is through their “level”. It is physically shown on the system. You can check the level, and if the needed change that with a new one.


Lexmark printer not working

Wrong alignment of cartridge and print head

 Your Lexmark printer not working, then this could be the major reason. It sounds technical, right? But, in the machine, alignment changes with time. For example, the printer fell, in that situation, the system may get damaged. So, first, check that the cartridge is aligned with the print head. If not, then try to adjust it or you can call the customer support service. 


A power chord is not working

 The connection between the power supply and the printer must be strong. Numerous times lose a chord can cause an error during printing. Due to these issues, you might face a couple of printing problem, such as:

  •  Printer getting low
  • Print density got affect
  • Introducing ghosting condition


Those who don’t know what ghost condition are, read the further line. It is the technical fault where the desired image prints on the right page, but at the same time, the same image print on some other page.

Lexmark printer is not responding

These are the possible reason why Lexmark printer is not responding. Go through them one by one, and see which one belongs to yours.

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