How Do I Bypass Gmail Phone Verification? Top Methods

There are times when users don’t wish to add contact details to their Gmail accounts. Hence, they look for options to bypass phone verification on their accounts. However, what becomes important is to create a Gmail account without using the phone number. But doing so can be quite next to impossible followed by setting up the account. Also, users do wish to share their phone numbers and other contact details with other users due to privacy issues.

Nevertheless, one can still bypass the account verification in their Gmail account. Besides, there are several types of methods through which one can do this. Therefore, if you are also thinking How do I bypass Gmail phone verification, then read this guide until further and get to know about the same. Also, you’ll learn about creating a Gmail account without adding your real phone number on your device.

Google is something that takes care of your pictures to the safety of your data and your privacy. In this article, will learn about some of the FAQs that will answer your question of Can I bypass Google verification. Google verification is important as if your device is stolen, and the other person is trying to remove your data, you get notified if your id is there.

Bypass is something that helps you escape the privacy steps if you have forgotten some of the login credentials. If you too have a problem with the verification process, you can refer to this article.

Bypassing Gmail Phone Verification On Android Device

  • At first, navigate to the device settings in your Android device, then head over to the Accounts option, tap on it.
  • Next, tap on the Add an account option, then select the Google account. Hereafter, you’ll be redirected to the Gmail app signup page.
  • Now, you’ll need to enter the user credentials such as name and date of birth, then hit the next option.
  • Thereafter, enter the email address and the password in their respective fields, then you should find the Skip option that you’ll need to tap on.
  • Finally, agree with the further terms and condition, ad you should be able to bypass the phone verification on Gmail account.

Bypassing The Gmail Verification On The Computer Or Laptop

If you have been wondering How do I bypass Gmail verification on your PC device, then here’s what you need to know.

  • At first, navigate to the web browser in your laptop or PC, then move to the configuration option, and then find the login option.
  • Select the login option, then you’ll be redirected to the Gmail account page where you can create a new account.
  • Hence, hit the create an account option, then on the new page, enter the credentials of your account in their respective fields.
  • Hereafter, enter all the requested information, then accept all the terms and conditions followed by clicking on the send option.
  • Finally, hit the Register button to finalize the bypassing process.

How do I bypass Google verification without a computer?

If you don’t have a computer and you want to bypass Google verification, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Install the HushSMS app on a second device
  • Choose “WAP PUSH SL” then “Use https:// URL prefix” and then type the URL
  • Provide the phone number of email of the account you want to bypass the Google verification tap on “SEND WAP PUSH SL” 
  • Once you receive the message, click on OK
  • Locate the “Terms & Privacy policy” on the YouTube screen
  • On the opened browser, search for “”
  • At the bottom of the website, choose the “All FRP Bypass Download” option and download the file “Apex Launcher”
  • Select the downloaded APK and install it
  • Now, go to the security option in the setting and click on device administrators and choose to disable the Find my Device 
  • Once you click on Google account manager, you need to tap on disable and then repeat it in Google play store services
  • Now, go to the setting and search for your Google account
  • Enable the Google account manager and Google play store services
  • Restart the device and once it turns on, follow the android setup.
  • Your account will be reset bypassing the Google verification process.

Bypassing The Gmail Verification Without Using The Phone Number 

If you have been wondering How can I access my Gmail account without phone verification, then you should first create the account without using the actual credentials. Here’s how.

  • At first, you’ll need to SMS the website, then select your country, and then choose a phone number from the available ones.
  • Next, copy the desired number, then paste it on the verification page of Gmail, and then select the number.
  • Now, you’ll get the confirmation code from Gmail, hence, copy it followed by pasting it on the Verification page, and then hit the Verify option for your account verification.

How Do I Bypass Gmail Verification? Get Professional Assistance

In the event, if the aforementioned methods didn’t help you in bypassing the account verification on Gmail, then you can try contacting the live experts on Gmail for further help. They will surely assist you with the best information and guidance to ensure account verification on Gmail. Also, if you are facing any other trouble such as google account recovery, password reset, and other issues then you can consult regarding the same with the Gmail live Person experts, ad get real-time assistance.  

Steps To Know how to change google account information via the phone?

  • Press 1 For Apps, music, and downloads from the Google Play store.
  • Then Press 2 for the technical support from a Google device.
  • After that Press 3 To check a recent order.
  • Then Press 4 if you want to ask questions before you buy. 
  • At last Press 5 to choose more options. more options 

How do I call on Google Customer Service Number?

Google customer service is Available 24by7 on these Phone Numbers:-

  • Google Customer Service USA:- 1-855-836-3987
  • Google UK Customer Service Number :- +44 (0)20-7031-3000
  • Google Germany Customer service Number:- +49-30-303986300
  • Google Hong Kong Customer Care Number:- 8 523 923 5400
  • Canada Google Customer Service Office Number:- 1 416 915 8200
  • Google Russia Customer Care Number:- +7-495-1400 

Guide to bypass Gmail phone verification after reset 

We all tend to reset our phone sometimes; a few of us do it for the sake of the phone's memory, others follow it as a trend at a time span of a year. What we usually forget is what will happen if we reset our phones and we forget the credentials to our Google account.

You’ll lose access to your account and the play store as well. Moreover, you won’t be able to continue with updating settings on your account as well. No worries, go through the points mentioned below to understand it better;

Bypass Gmail phone verification after reset:-

You can bypass the complete procedure after you reset your device with the help of the following points;

  • When you’ve completed the reset of your phone, reboot it once.
  • Follow the instructions accordingly.
  • Now, take help from your Desktop Pc, Laptop, or any other device already linked with your Google account.
  • Now, go to its settings and choose the option of ‘Link any other device.’
  • A prompt will be showcased, and you’ll have to choose the same number on both devices.

Henceforth, the query of how to bypass gmail phone verification after reset can be quickly sorted out with the help of the steps mentioned above in a hassle-free and timely manner in an instant.

Does factory reset remove your Google Account?

If you are planning on a factory reset, it will delete every single piece of data on your phone. If you don’t have the backup, you might risk losing everything. However, it will ask you to verify yourself once you are to click on the reset button. Only when you complete the verification process, you will be able to reset your device.

You can restore all the data in your account once you login again into your Google account. So yes, factory reset will remove your account after asking you for it.

What to do if Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you?
  • Try entering correct login credentials and at the time of sign up, you need to choose the credentials which are easy to use
  • Try answering the Google security questions. If the answer matches the saved data, you will be able to verify
  • If your device or location is different from the usual, you may face a problem. Try to log in from the same place on the same device when this problem continues.
  • When you are not verified, you can go to the Google support page and give all the valid information for the procedure. Read More about What to do if Google couldn't verify this account belongs to you then follow the link.
How do I remove my Google account from a wiped phone?
  • You need to open Gmail 
  • Click on the menu and select Manage accounts 
  • Click on edit and then select Remove beside the account option
  • Confirm your decision and click on Done on the top left corner.
Why does Google keep making me verify?

Google does this so that if someone else tries to invade your account, he couldn’t be able to do that. This is done for your security purposes

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