How do I Bypass Gmail Phone Verification

How Do I Bypass Gmail Phone Verification? Top Methods

There are times when users don’t wish to add contact details to their Gmail accounts. Hence, they look for options to bypass phone verification on their accounts. However, what becomes important is to create a Gmail account without using the phone number. But doing so can be quite next to impossible followed by setting up the account. Also, users do wish to share their phone numbers and other contact details with other users due to privacy issues.

Nevertheless, one can still bypass the account verification in their Gmail account. Besides, there are several types of methods through which one can do this. Therefore, if you are also thinking How do I bypass Gmail phone verification, then read this guide until further and get to know about the same. Also, you’ll learn about creating a Gmail account without adding your real phone number on your device.

Bypassing Gmail Phone Verification On Android Device

  • At first, navigate to the device settings in your Android device, then head over to the Accounts option, tap on it.
  • Next, tap on the Add an account option, then select the Google account. Hereafter, you’ll be redirected to the Gmail app signup page.
  • Now, you’ll need to enter the user credentials such as name and date of birth, then hit the next option.
  • Thereafter, enter the email address and the password in their respective fields, then you should find the Skip option that you’ll need to tap on.
  • Finally, agree with the further terms and condition, ad you should be able to bypass the phone verification on Gmail account.

Bypassing The Gmail Verification On The Computer Or Laptop

If you have been wondering How do I bypass Gmail verification on your PC device, then here’s what you need to know.

  • At first, navigate to the web browser in your laptop or PC, then move to the configuration option, and then find the login option.
  • Select the login option, then you’ll be redirected to the Gmail account page where you can create a new account.
  • Hence, hit the create an account option, then on the new page, enter the credentials of your account in their respective fields.
  • Hereafter, enter all the requested information, then accept all the terms and conditions followed by clicking on the send option.
  • Finally, hit the Register button to finalize the bypassing process.

Bypassing The Gmail Verification Without Using The Phone Number 

If you have been wondering How can I access my Gmail account without phone verification, then you should first create the account without using the actual credentials. Here’s how.

  • At first, you’ll need to SMS the website, then select your country, and then choose a phone number from the available ones.
  • Next, copy the desired number, then paste it on the verification page of Gmail, and then select the number.
  • Now, you’ll get the confirmation code from Gmail, hence, copy it followed by pasting it on the Verification page, and then hit the Verify option for your account verification.

How Do I Bypass Gmail Verification? Get Professional Assistance

In the event, if the aforementioned methods didn’t help you in bypassing the account verification on Gmail, then you can try contacting the live experts on Gmail for further help. They will surely assist you with the best information and guidance to ensure account verification on Gmail. Also, if you are facing any other trouble such as google account recovery, password reset, and other issues then you can consult regarding the same with the Gmail live Person experts, ad get real-time assistance.  

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