How to access a Yahoo account when the password and phone number are forgotten?

Are you unable to access your Yahoo account since both your password and phone number have been forgotten? Recovery of the Yahoo account password is often needed when a user forgets the existing login password. However, to quickly recover the forgotten password, Yahoo users can access the recovery phone number registered at the time of creating an account. Yahoo users, however, can often forget their registered number, that might not be in use for a while. If you are in similar situation, and looking for details about how to access my yahoo account if I forgot my phone number and password, you can follow the data from below.

Yahoo Account Recovery

Learn the method to access your Yahoo account if forgot your phone number and password?

If a user of a Yahoo account forgets the login password, the recovery with a registered phone number is as easy and simple. A few times, though, a Yahoo user does not remember both the password and phone number, so they can access their account using other information such as recovery email. Therefore, you can learn the process for Yahoo account recovery by email or security question, by following the instructions below.

Yahoo account recovery with email:

  • First of all, you have to visit the Yahoo website and navigate to the login tabThen type your registered Yahoo email address in the assigned blank field
  • Press next button then you have to select “I forgot my password” tab
  • On the next step you will be asked to verify your registered phone number
  • Then you have to choose “No, I don’t know the digits” and proceed to next step
  • After that, on the next screen you will receive the option to get account key in your recovery email
  • Hereafter, you can choose the send button so that Yahoo can send the key in your recovery email
  • Next, you require to access your recovery email then select the account key
  • After selecting the account key from email you will be redirected to password reset window
  • Now you can unlock your Yahoo account then create your new password

Yahoo account recovery with security question

  • Go to the Yahoo website on a browser and select I have forgotten my password
  • Then enter your email ID, press next and  a CAPTCHA code will appear on screen
  • After verifying your CAPTCHA code, then choose use my security questions option
  • On the next page, your security question will appear, which you have to answer correctly
  • Finally, you have to set a new password to access your Yahoo account once again

How to recover a Yahoo account without a phone number?

This is the most suitable answer to your question on how to recover Yahoo account without a phone number when you have forgotten your login password. Yahoo allows the option for registered users who do not remember their password to use information such as recovery email, security question, etc. to get back access once again. Yahoo users can also get help from a yahoo phone number or a live person with the assistance they need to recover their email.

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