How Can I Advertise On Yahoo?

If you want to run an ad campaign on Yahoo, you can do that by creating an ad on Yahoo. It will boost your brand awareness among the right audience. And you can create an ad by considering your target audience. Moreover, if you wonder how can I advertise on Yahoo, you can follow the given procedure to create and run an ad campaign on Yahoo for your business.

Step 1: First and foremost, you need to sign in to your Yahoo Ad manager account. In case you don't have an account, create a new account. Or else, you can use your Facebook or Google account.

Step 2: Next, you are required to select the Campaigns section and choose the 'Create a Campaign' option.

  • Also, you need to add some details which are as follow:
  • Up to 50 characters add an ad title.
  • Add a description for your ad up to 150 characters.
  • Enter the landing page URL.
  • Up to 25 characters, mention your company name.
  • The display URL.
  • A high-quality image with an 82x82 or 1:1 ratio for your text ads. If you want to make an image ad, you need to either upload a picture or enter the link of the image. Also, the image ads must have 1073x715 pixels.
  • Once the ad is created, you may preview the ad on your screen. And the moment you complete the above details for the ads, you need to click the checkbox if you want to use the ad details for any other ads.
  • And then, you have to select the 'Save Ad' option and you can access it later from the My Created Ads section on your dashboard.

Step 4: After that, you need to define the audience. Click the Advanced Settings, enter the keywords, and Modify as per the given instructions accessible for you.

Moreover, to target specifically a region or locality, you can choose the country, state, city, or DMA. The ads will only show the selected locations.

How much does it cost to advertise on Yahoo?

Step 5: If you wonder how much does it cost to advertise on Yahoo, Yahoo allows you to set your bids for maximum cost per click. It means you have to enter the maximum amount that you want to pay for each click. Besides, you can find the Advanced Pricing option on the right side.

When you open Advanced Pricing, you get more options to set maximums for Yahoo mobile search ad or Yahoo native ad format. Also, you can set the budget and select the ads instantly, or set the beginning and end date of the campaign.

Step 6: Name your Yahoo ad campaign and save your campaign.

Step 7: Before you start your ad campaign, you need to pound your account. Hence set up payments. You need to add at least $25 to the Yahoo Advertising account. You can set up for auto loading your account, it tops up your account automatically from the linked credit card or bank account. In case you don't want to do so, you can turn it off.


How do I Advertise for free on Yahoo Mail?

This is how you can advertise on Yahoo without seeing any kind of trouble. On the off chance, you face any trouble or you wonder how do I advertise for free on Yahoo Mail, you can contact the customer service team. The support team representatives are accessible day and night over a phone call.

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