How Do I Fix My Yahoo Mail Account

Yahoo Mail is one of the premium email services that offer the best services and security features. Further, with the latest developments, the user can now access email services using the web and mobile applications. 


Issues with Yahoo Mail services 


Despite being an incredible email service, some users have reported issues with the Yahoo Mail services like sign-in problems, not receiving email, not working issues, and more. Luckily, all these issues are pretty common, and one can resolve them by using the troubleshooting steps. 


So, the users who are looking for solutions on How do I fix my Yahoo mail account can check out the quick steps mentioned and access uninterrupted email services. 


Quick solutions to some of the Yahoo Mail problems


1) Sign-in problems


The main cause behind this issue is a technical glitch or forgotten password. So, one can resolve this issue in time by using the below-mentioned steps.


A) Check internet connection


Verify the internet connection of the device used for accessing the Yahoo Mail services. Also, one can restart their router or switch networks to fix this problem. 


B) Incorrect credentials


Also, this issue can occur because of the incorrect credentials entered at login time. Thus, verify the same to fix the sign-in problems. 


C) Forgotten password 


Lastly, this issue can arise because of the forgotten password. So, for those looking for information on How do I reset my Yahoo email account, they can follow the recovery steps mentioned below. 

How do I reset my Yahoo email account?


  • Visit the official sign-in helper page of Yahoo and provide the email or phone used to access the account.
  • Now, click on the forgot password link and continue. 
  • Then, mention the recovery email or phone number to request a code.
  • Further, provide the code when prompted and reset the Yahoo account password. 


Yahoo mail not receiving emails 

2) Issues while receiving emails


Besides, some users have even reported Yahoo mail not receiving emails problem. Thankfully, this issue can get fixed in time by using some of the hacks listed below:

  • Begin the process by checking for outages problems with Yahoo Mail services.
  • Further, the user can check for the email filters installed on the email and remove the same. 
  • Request the sender to verify the email address entered at the time of sending the email.
  • Check the email in the spam folder to fix this issue. 
  • Modify the blocked contacts list.
  • Sign-out and sign-in again to resolve email not receiving issue in time. 


3) Yahoo Mail not working or responding 

For the users who are failing to access the Yahoo Mail services because of not working and not responding issue, then the user can check out some of the solutions mentioned below:


A) Clear browser cache

The users looking for details on How do I fix my Yahoo mail account can begin the process by clearing the cache of the browser and check if the issue is fixed or not. 


B) Restart the device

Besides, the user can restart whatever device they are using to access Yahoo mail services to fix not working problem in time. 


C) Disabling the extensions

The user can try removing the unnecessary extensions added to the browser and try access the Yahoo Mail services. 


D) Disable antivirus and firewall settings temporarily

Also, the user can temporarily disable the firewall settings enabled on the device and fix the not working issue with Yahoo Mail services. 


E) Update the browser or Yahoo app

Lastly, the user can fix this issue by updating the browser or application used for accessing Yahoo Mail services. 

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