How To Fix Bellsouth Email Authentication Error Problem?

Being the best email service provider, BellSouth provides account security, fast email transactions, and the process of recovering the account. Despite all of these amazing features that are offered by BellSouth, you cannot say this as a complete perfect service. Errors generally, arise from time to time while users work with AT&T.

Today we are talking about the BellSouth email authentication error, that troubles the users a lot, and they are forced to contact the customer service for that. Well, before that, you can try to fix the bug. You can go for some troubleshooting steps to eradicate the issue.

Troubleshooting steps required:

Check your internet connection:

This can be the most common reason for your BellSouth email not working. You should check if your internet connection is working fine. For its proper functioning, you will need a stable internet.

Ensure that you do not have any server error:

If your server is down, then you will not have any option but to wait for the servers to get fixed.

Email settings should not be incorrect:

If the settings of your BellSouth account are incorrect, then it will not allow you to work properly on your BellSouth account and might be the cause of the issues like login issues, not sending messages, not receiving messages, etc.

Update the application in your mobile:

In case, you are using the app on your android or iPhone, then you have to make sure that the application you have is updated, and you have the latest version. If you do not have the latest version of an app, then you can go to the play store and get your app up-to-date. This can fix the issue of login and authentication.

Disable third-party application:

Sometimes, any software is installed in a system that can create a problem. To fix the bug, you need to disable the application for some time. You can resume the application one your work is done.

These steps will help you out if your BellSouth email is not working. For more queries and issues, contact the customer service.

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