How to fix Google Play Services keeps Stopping?

Google Play Services is the package installer that all android users generally have in their android phones. It forms a medium between the application and the server through which we receive the data on our applications. The application store for android which is the Google Play Store won’t be running if it wasn’t for the Google Play Services. 

If due to any of the reasons your Google Play Services keeps on stopping because of which you are not able to let alone install any new application but the applications which you have already pre-installed on your device, they are lagging. No worries, if the question What to do if Google Play services keeps stopping appears in your mind, then you can easily get a resolution to that with the help of the below-mentioned points;

Why does Google play keep stopping?

Before you carry on with the topic on how to resolve the problem of Google play services stopping, you should first have an idea about what is causing the problem. As it is said, to solve a problem you must first know the root cause of the problem. The Google Play Services gets affected due to the below-mentioned reasons;

  • Unsupported Version- Sometimes, we try to download an application from Google Play which states that our device is not suitable for that application. The reason behind that is the android version our phone is running on is an obsolete version and the application requires an updated version of android to perform at its best.
  • Unknown Sources- We usually tend to download applications from unknown sources which are not legal for us to download which makes the network of our mobile very compromised and a lot can be affected due to that. This also causes Google Play Services to lag and not perform smoothly.

Thus, the above-mentioned points will help you with the topic of Why does Google play keep stopping and you can know the root cause very easily.

What to do if Google Play services keep stopping?

If your Google Play Services keeps on stopping and it is creating havoc for your system and it is not allowing you to perform the necessary activities smoothly. No worries, the below-mentioned points will help you with the same;

  • Restart your device- The most basic troubleshooting to resolve any of the queries which you are facing on your device is to restart your device for good. As it closes all the running applications and the phone boots again. 
  • Clear cache- Visit the settings of your android phone and go to the application memory section. Once you are in that menu, locate and click on Clear Cache for Google Play Services. This will delete all the unnecessary files of Google Play Services which you have on your android phone. 
  • Update- The most important thing to check is whether or not your phone is on the latest version of android. Check whether there’s a system update, a default application update. Also, make sure that you visit Google Play Store and update all the applications from there too. 

Therefore, with the help of the above-mentioned steps, one can easily resolve the query of how to fix google play services keeps stopping and can continue with their work in a hassle-free manner without any problem occurring which stops them to achieve the activity or ends in delaying the user to perform the activities required on their mobile phone in a very hassle-free manner. 

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