How Do I Get My Verification Code For Gmail?

Gmail is a web-based mailing platform owned by Google. Google is quite protective towards the security of its users. Hence, it provides every possible way to keep the information and data of its users guarded. 

One of the ways offered by Google of providing security to the users is the system of sending a verification code whenever a request is made by the user to Google or a new activity is performed using the Gmail address of a person. If you have forgotten your password and want to reset it then you would need a verification code from Google’s side. There are a number of reasons because of which you would need a verification code from Google, so are you dealing with one of those reasons? Are you wondering how do I get my verification code for Gmail? Well, you are going to get your answer today. 

What is my verification code for Google?

Different ways of getting a verification code for Gmail-

If you are in the middle of a task which you need to perform to finish a step in your Gmail account and you are wondering what is my verification code for Google? You don't have to worry as the verification code you are looking for will be provided to you by Google itself. Follow the below-mentioned steps to get a verification code for Gmail.

If you have forgotten your Gmail password and need a verification code to reset it, then follow the below-mentioned steps to get a code-

  1. Sign in to your Gmail account. 

  2. When asked to enter the password, click on “Forgot Password”.

  3. Google will send a verification code on your email address or the registered mobile number to verify your identity, and then you can use that code to reset your Gmail password. 

To safeguard the user’s information, Google provides the option of two-step authentication. If you have enabled two-step authentication on your Gmail, then a verification code will get sent to you every time a usual activity is seen on your account. Let’s see how you can set up the two-step verification on your Gmail and get a verification code sent to you by Google. 

  1. Search “two-step verification page” on your web browser. 

  2. After reaching the page, click on “Get Started” and then you will be asked to enter your Gmail address and password. 

  3. Click on the Start button. 

  4. Now, you will need to add a phone number on which Google will send the verification code whenever needed. 

  5. Submit the request.

  6. Google will send a code on the phone number you have just added to verify your number. 

  7. After verifying your number, click on the option on Next. 

  8. Then you will be asked to choose whether the computer you are using at that moment is your trusted device, so Google could add that computer in the list of trusted devices. Choose from Yes or No accordingly.

  9. Click on the option of Activate to confirm the two-step authentication system. 

  10. And you are done with the process. Now, Google will send a verification code on your phone number whenever the situation arises. 


How do I find my email verification code? 

So, by enabling the two-step authentication system, you can answer your question: how do I find my email verification code. You can also contact Google customer service if you need any help during the process.

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