Why Does My Roku Keep Losing the Connection?

Although Roku devices are designed perfectly to ensure the best digital streaming services, considering the nature of technology, even Roku devices may also experience several issues. One of the most common Roku issues is the frequent disconnection with the internet. This can happen due to a couple of common reasons, and one can easily troubleshoot them with some simple hacks.

Hence, you’ll need to first establish the actual cause due to which your Roku device might be losing the network connectivity frequently. So, if you have been thinking Why does my Roku keep losing the connection and want to fix the situation, then read this post further to learn more. 

Why Does My Roku Keep Losing The Connection? Reasons

Here are the most common issues due to which your Roku device might be frequently disconnection your network/Wi-Fi connection.

  • Due to a faulty router device.
  • The Wi-Fi connection is setup too far from your Roku device.
  • The bandwidth is lesser than the required one.
  • Slow internet connection.
  • Damaged Wi-Fi channel.
  • The Wifi connection needs to be reset. 

In a nutshell, one of the prime reasons that your Roku device disconnects repeatedly from the internet connection is due to internet issues. Hence, you’ll need to improve your internet and Roku connection. Here’s how. 

How Can I Improve My Roku Connection? Top Hacks 

Fix Your Wireless Network Router 

If your router is quite old or hasn’t been replaced for years, then it is time to switch to the new one. New routers come with the latest network connectivity tech specifications and also better bandwidth. Hence, get a new router and use it to connect your Roku device for a better streaming experience. However, if you have already a brand new router yet not able to connect with your Roku device, then you should connect with the Roku experts to get your both network connection & streaming devices checked. 

Get Your Roku Device Closer To The Router Device 

If you are still thinking about how can I improve my Roku connection, then try changing your Roku device spot and establish it near your router device as much as possible. This should help you ensure a better internet connection & Wi-Fi signal. Also, you can try disconnecting other connected wireless devices with your router. This will drastically improve your internet connection speed. 

Upgrade The Bandwidth 

You can do this by changing your cable modem with a new & better one. If you face issues with finding the right type of cable modem, then talk to the tech-experts at Roku or your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and get further assistance from them. Once you have changed your modem cable, then you can enjoy your Roku streaming services even with the old router device. 

Still, wondering why does my Roku keeps disconnecting from the internet? Well if the above-mentioned fixes couldn’t help you with troubleshooting the Roku connection issues, then try considering connecting with the tech-experts at Roku. They will surely guide you with the best information and solutions, and also ensure that you don’t face any issues with your Roku connection. 

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