How to Fix Roku error Code 018

What is Roku Error code 018?

Roku is the most popular used streaming device used for streaming videos, TV shows, play games, and much more all over the world. Roku Error code 018 is displayed when an internet connection becomes slow on Roku devices. It is the most common routing errors. This error occurs when there is a problem with our internet connection. It can be cleared or fixed using simple steps. You should take care that the network which you are using should be least used by other networks. You can easily fix Roku error code 018 using some steps. You should ensure that the connection should be very good.

The common error message which displays in Roku error code 018

  • Unable to connect Wireless Network: This error comes when your wireless connection is weak. If you didn’t receive signals, at that time error comes.
  • Not connected to the Internet: If you are watching movies with your loved ones and in between so ISP is not working. At that time, this error displays on the screen.
  • Loading Please Wait: If you watching movies and you lose network connection then, it displays an error message “loading please wait”.

How To Fix Roku Error Code 018?

You can easily fix Roku error code 018. Please follow the given steps to solve the issue:

  1. First of all, please check that internet connection should not be weak and your router should receive signals from your ISP (Internet Services Provider).
  2. Now, please run a quick test to ensure that the internet connection is working or not. An open website like Google, YouTube, etc on another device. If you are able to open these websites that means your internet connection is working properly.
  3. Now, please check the name of the network from which your Roku device is connected.
  4. Please keep a look on the internet connection. It should be strong enough. You can check the signal strength of your router on the Roku device.

Follow the below procedure to check signal strength:

  • Click Home button on Roku remote.
  • Open the Settings, tap on Network.
  • Choose About from the list.
  • There you will find the signal strength.

 The common question which arises is how to fix Roku error code 018. You can also fix Roku error code 018 by basic troubleshooting or you can reboot your device. If you need help, please contact to Roku helpline number. They will solve your problems and will provide you accurate solutions. They can fix all sorts of issues that persist in Roku devices.

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